Large scale printing refers to creating printed matter that exceeds the size that a conventional printer can produce. It requires wide format printers, cutting equipment, and other devices that add to the production cost, but the investment can yield substantial rewards.

The print specialists at Palm Beach Copy Service are ready 24 hours a day to help you use print media to achieve your business and professional goals.

Large Scale Printing Services

At Palm Beach Copy Service, we use digital printing technology to design and print large format posters, banners, and blueprints in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. If you have so far only used printing services for copying documents, producing flyers, and A/V duplication, consider expanding your use of print services for larger items such as:

  • architectural drawings
  • banners
  • booth signage for trade shows
  • freestanding displays
  • promotional posters
  • presentation aids

Our skilled printing team uses advanced wide format printers to create stunning visual effects and unparalleled clarity, fidelity, and customization.

Large Format Copies (Blueprints, etc.)

Some materials, such as design schematics and architectural plans, require too much detail to fit easily on standard sizes of paper. Printing large schematics in custom sizes makes it convenient to create drawings to scale without leaving white space. A large format printer can reveal marks and digits with perfect clarity.


Banners are a durable and attention-grabbing medium that breaks through the clutter. Use banners to identify trade show booths, promotional displays, and information desks.


Posters are a convenient and portable form of large-format printing that packs a punch. A custom poster compliments product displays and provides more detailed information than a banner.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

Checkout and in-store displays offer an opportunity to generate sales. When customers pull out their cash or credit card, they are uniquely susceptible to impulse buying. A vivid, point-of-purchase display with readable large-format printing can make a difference in your profit margins.

Wall and Floor Graphics

One strategy for getting a message through is to present it in a new way. Printed floor and wall graphics can give your business an effective way to integrate printed advertisements into your interior design.

Tradeshow Signage

Tradeshows offer new and up-and-coming companies a chance to establish their brands, network, and spread their message to a wider audience. Bright signage printed on a durable material lets your business project an image of strength.

Trial Exhibits

Courtroom displays need to be large and readable to have the greatest impact on judges and juries. Large Scale printing is perfect for trial exhibits that depict enlargements of photographs, documents, and other crucial pieces of evidence. Use large format printing to complement our other litigation support services.

Large Format Printing Services at Palm Beach Copy Service

Palm Beach Copy Service is the leading large format printing company in West Palm Beach, FL. We use the latest large format printers and software to design and print posters, banners, displays, and more. Call 561-655-2838 or visit our Contact page to discuss your large-scale printing project, advertising display, or custom poster concept.